When the child becomes the parent...I miss my mother

All too often we as adult children find ourselves in the frightening position of trading places with our parent. Having to become the responsible decision maker for the person who has guided you is like driving the wrong way down a one way street. You know you have to get through it but it is scary and lonely taking you places you are not prepared to travel. 

Most of the time we who have had to make this transition to caretaker from child go on trial and error, checking with friends who may have some experience or getting hard and fast fixes from the observers around us. I have found that taking the time to talk to professionals with experience is the way to go. My father was a handful, at first I tried to make him part of my family life and found my home turned upside down with resentful husband and confused kids. I ultimately sought professional advice and dad got the care and home he deserved and needed. 

If you are in a similar position try taking stock of what is going on for you and talking to others who have the knowledge and resources to help you.  The monthly caregiver luncheon at Oak Crest is a great place to start.  

Have it your way you will feel better

you are experiencing change and that makes everything feel off, let's take a closer look at what change does to you. 

aging makes each day a challenge when changing health and memory is compromising the known. Learning to accept the change is tough and can make you angry. talk about your feelings to a friend or a doctor anyone you trust, you are not alone. 


I don't like what I am feeling. 

dealing with change

Looking back and stepping forward as the calendar changes...

It has been a life altering year. But then I guess every year for everyone is a life-altering year.
comedian Amy Schumer

I read something recently that made me stop to reflect. The article had to do with how time goes by as quickly as the snap of a finger and blink of an eye, and it's gone. The piece went on to say that we are never taught to expect such quick passage of time  and that every moment should be a celebration and not taken for granted.

My wish for you and all those I love is that some of that very true sentiment takes hold and that this "new" year is filled with moments we savor and enjoy. 


Christmas angels past and present

People who are Christmas angels have always found a way to transform ordinary days into miraculous days of delight.

Sandy Campbell and his wife Rebecca Dowling have had a long history with Oak Crest. Beginning with Sandy's mother " Marti" who lived at Oak Crest. Then Sandy volunteered with a distinguished service career as a member of the Board of Directors, serving in all capacities and leading the organization in building the Atrium and followed by being the benefactor who made the Campbell Center reality. 

There is something really wonderful about Christmas gifts from angels they feel good and have the capacity to do great things. Ever generous in spite of living in Colorado, Sandy and Rebecca remain Christmas angels for Oak Crest and all who receive services from Oak Crest. So once again in today's mail the Christmas angels transformed an ordinary day into a miraculous day of delight. 

Thank you

What makes a hero?

November is staff appreciation month at Oak Crest

Each day there is something remarkable happening here. Some days it is a quiet moment, others the sound of people exchanging comments and every day there are lingering tones of encouragement. Working to create a sense of support in a nonjudgmental, nurturing manner is difficult work. The staff at Oak Crest are expert at this art.  

My grandmother was a wonderful woman and I think about her when I am with the members, and how I would want her to be treated, with love and respect.
— Margaret

Executive Director celebrates 44 years on the job

Susan has spearheaded many improvements since she began leadership of the organization in addition to the current major project in Oak Crest adding private restrooms and more than doublingthe size of each private room. There have been many highlights which have been quite impressive, here are just some accomplishments: installation of two elevators, addition of the Atrium, Cellar Pub, George's Stage and Mary's Assembly Hall, renovation to Oak Crest's kitchen and all common rooms. The copyrighted Keeping Program for memory care and Campbell Center, coupled with community programs Community Dinner and Friends Breakfast for community.  A favorite motto is " I wondered why somebody doesn't do something and then I remembered, I am somebody".  Quick to site the work of others, Susan adds that nothing is ever accomplished by just one person, " I have been fortunate to work with many talented staff members and many volunteers who gave of their time, talent and resources to support me and Oak Crest and I am very grateful."

2nd Tuesday Bake Sale

On the second Tuesday of every month we bake.
It is so Delicious
the best part is the bread is decorated to take to a party!
Whatever the occasion
like Fathers Day coming up
You can pick up your bread and give the perfect gift. 

This is just one of our many fun(d) raisers
call and reserve your bread today!

Special lunch with the Honorary Easter Bunny

Lunch with Foo

the honorary Easter Bunny! 

Enjoy lunch with the real live Easter Bunny Foo
Saturday April 15th from 11:30 to 1 pm

Kids young and old will have a chance to pet Foo, the family pet of staff member Liz, who has offered to share Foo with all the guests. 

Lunch in the Cellar Pub is always free for our members
Guests are asked to make a nominal donation.
Please call 8477422255 for a reservation