Annual Oak Crest Summer Make-Do

Interest, hobby or just fun. Everyone needs to feel passion. My personal passion is collecting Antique Teddy Bears. What about them makes my heart skip a beat I can't tell you; but from hours of reading about them and studying them I have become a Teddy Bear Expert. I enjoy it, the whole activity fuels my passion and it is good to be engaged in something interesting and positive that stimulates your mind.
This year our Annual Summer Make-Do is all about Brain Fitness. Once a year we have a big shindig at Oak Crest. The good old fashioned kind, with a bake sale and rummage sale and lunch. Loads of fun and entertainment. But we have taken it a step furthur. We add some topic of interest and focus on it. This years focus is Brain Fitness, how to keep your mind active and well. That brings us back to me and Teddy Bears. Hobbies are actually a means to an end when it comes to brain fitness, and staying enganged and active mentally. So for those of you who smirked about the Teddy Bear thing think again. Keeping your brain fit takes many forms, come and see for yourself Saturday June 19th 10am to 3pm. Call for more details.
Oh you may be curious about why we call the event a "Make-Do"? We use what we have and make it do!