Oak Crest Renewal Project

From time to time we all need to be renewed and Oak Crest of Elgin now proudly celebrating 107 years of continuous service in our commumity is launching a major renovation program.

announcing the "Renewal Project"...

We are renewing our commitment to the community and our members with plans to add even more.

We will experience a renewal of the charm that has made Oak Crest a warm and welcoming place to live for 107 years. New amemity bathrooms and spas,new theatre and dining venues,new arts center ,new decor with the same trusted staff and values that have always set Oak Crest's standards above the rest.

As we rejunenate our surroundings we will re-energize our menus. Chef JP will be working from a new state of the art kitchen creating the dishes you ask for. His famous BBQ ribs, mouth watering grilled flank steak and savory baked French onion soup to name just a few.

Our new theatre will be the center of attention as we explore new films and new worlds of culture and entertainment. Across the hall the arts center will be alive with creation. a universe onto itself this dynamic center will host guest artists who share how they translate the ordinary into the extraordinay and you are invited to be part of the miracle.

The energy, the excitement, the honest caring and the daily reminder that life is wonderful if you share it with friends all come together here at Oak Crest in Elgin. Our plans for renewal are in full swing , and now all we need is you. Plan to be part of our secrest receipe for a well lived life.