Dear Friends,
Last month I marked my 40th year at Oak Crest. To celebrate the occasion a small reception was held in our delightful Cellar Pub. (one of my favorite places) 
At the end of a Wednesday I really didn't expect much of a turnout, to my surprise there was!
New faces and old friends greeted me warmly and asked questions like "does it seem like 40 years?" and "are you retiring?", "How did you start" and that is a "lifetime" and how did you do it. 
Well it was fun having two solid hours of "me" time and it certainly sparked some reflection on my part.  So here it is I started early in my life and loved it. Yes, I stayed and I loved it and no I am not retiring and I still love it. And I did it one day at a time, with no grand plan for tenure or milestones, just doing a job and loving it.
Finally to all the wonderful calls form old friends who couldn't make it and the beautiful flowers and cards, your well wishes have been a cherry on top of a wonderful life here at Oak Crest. And maybe that is just how I did it with thoughtful people supporting me in my work for 40 years. 
Thank you
Susan Cincinelli
Executive Director