Last week I made a mistake. I sent a check made out to the wrong company for payment. I called and was assured that it would be returned to me and not to worry, they would not cash it actually they couldn't cash it if it wasn't made out to them...or so they promised. Yup you guessed it they cashed it. 
Wow stuff like that makes me mad. 
I was thinking about it and I realized that is exactly why promises are important...most people expect them to be kept. So when someone breaks a promise it is a big deal. 

I then thought about our slogan: 

We Promise: Caring,Keeping,Trusting. 

The whole mess seemed worth it as I realized that our slogan is more important than anything and the pride we  feel in saying it and living ti  is a really big deal for us at Oak Crest. 
Sometimes it doesn't matter how fancy a website is or a brochure or a sign if the promises being made are not kept. Wow another benefit: I can stop fretting about redoing our website and work on keeping our promises.