New Chairs for Oak Crest Atrium- The Chair Campaing


THE WINDSOR CHAIR was selected by King George II to be reproduced by his carpenters after stopping at a local farmhouse and using the chair that had been made and used by the farmer. As legend goes, the chair then gained widespread popularity and eventually made it's way to the new world. Used by our forefathers while drafting the declaration of independence and favored for it's comfort, ease of movement and reliability.

The Chair Campaign

 The Windsor is the chair Oak Crest has chosen for the Atrium. The replacement process for 35 chairs is a major undertaking. We will be working with the Riverbend Chair Company in Ohio to obtain our chairs. Working directly with the maker we have striven to keep costs down, but anyone who has ever purchased a quality handmade piece of furniture knows it is a costly endeavor. 
That is where you come in, to insure the success of the Chair Campaign we will be asking for help.
Raising money is never an easy task, but we believe that the need and use of our campaign will speak for itself. Members use their chairs for meals and Atrium gatherings, they are visible at all times; but possibly the most compelling reason to support our cause is the frugal approach we take to chairs. In the past one hundred and ten years this is only the third time we have had new dining chairs.
Each chair costs $475. Call to learn how you can share a seat in this campaign. 8477422255