To Get the Ball Rolling it may take a village!

Let's Get the Ball Rolling

We need your help. 

A community member and partner since 1904 Oak Crest has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of older adults and their families. But there is more to the story than just older adults. 

Volunteers of all ages spend their valuable free time here. They do all sorts of kind and interesting things with the members who call Oak Crest home. they help with reading and go on visits, they sing and dance and do impromptu skits to make us laugh. Our friends give us gifts too. Lots of different things like art supplies and bingo prizes, Christmas gifts and cars,;and now we need some new chairs for the Atrium. So it is time to get that ball rolling. It is a big task but with many friends it will be possible and once again our members will be the grateful recipients of your generosity.