Memorial Day at Oak Crest Atrium

Thanks to Steve Kranz

from the Pillars of Freedom Foundation

Normally veterans receive a flag at the time of their funeral, but it is this wonderful Pillars of Freedom Foundation organization's
mission to give Vets the chance to publicly receive that gift on Memorial Day. Oak Crest was honored to have the chance to show our own Vets how much their service was appreciated. Thanks to Steve and the folks at the Pillars of Freedom Foundation the program included many proud smiles and many beautiful flags. This is the way I remember Memorial Day being as a kid. Red, White and Blue (no sales) just preserving the honor of the men and women who not only gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms, but those who walk among us today, many times unidentified and unappreciated. This Memorial Day, our halls were filled with pride and Vets and their families all receiving "thanks" for some overdue and for others their simply cannot be too many "thank yous". The lawn flag display, also compliments of the Pillars of Freedom Foundation was in it's old glory with over 50 flags flying, proudly.