Giving Tuesday: UPDATE Thanks to our supporters for your generosity!

Our organization is not affiliated with any sponsoring group and receives no outside funding from any source. This fact makes Oak Crest very unique in today's world. When we provide charity care to a member it is taken directly from our operations. Careful management of expenses and candidates for "scholarships" explains how our program has continued to operate for over one hundred years, also a remarkable feat in this day and age. 

We kindly ask you to consider supporting us; at this time of year we are all reminded of the importance of giving back and being thankful for what we have. Honestly, the amount you give is not as crucial as just giving. Knowing that you care enough to support our mission is vital to our success. We have many people for which we are thankful. our members. their families, our volunteers, our donors, our staff, without everyone of those people who give selflessly to Oak Crest we would not be here today. So please take a moment and donate to our Giving Tuesday Campaign and show your support and thankfulness. 

Thank you