When the child becomes the parent...I miss my mother

All too often we as adult children find ourselves in the frightening position of trading places with our parent. Having to become the responsible decision maker for the person who has guided you is like driving the wrong way down a one way street. You know you have to get through it but it is scary and lonely taking you places you are not prepared to travel. 

Most of the time we who have had to make this transition to caretaker from child go on trial and error, checking with friends who may have some experience or getting hard and fast fixes from the observers around us. I have found that taking the time to talk to professionals with experience is the way to go. My father was a handful, at first I tried to make him part of my family life and found my home turned upside down with resentful husband and confused kids. I ultimately sought professional advice and dad got the care and home he deserved and needed. 

If you are in a similar position try taking stock of what is going on for you and talking to others who have the knowledge and resources to help you.  The monthly caregiver luncheon at Oak Crest is a great place to start.