is it time for emergency intervention ?

There is a phenomenon commonly called sun-downing that affects some older people. It can cause hallucinations, change a friendly person into a belligerent one  and when it is happening to your loved one it can be a scary thing to deal with. Night time can bring out the worst times for those dealing with the care of a loved one who is forgetful and suffering from illness. Here are some steps to help you regain your balance in those times:

  1. STOP AND BREATH take an overall assessment of what is going on and look for safety issues first. 
  2. PRIORITIZE  and make yourself a part of the list, what can you accomplish to get things under control now. 
  3. GET HELP  don't wait for the next time, as the situation dictates call for help, some senior organizations are available for  emergency help 24/7. Use this resource if you are finding yourself overwhelmed and unable to get the situation under control. Call 8477422255 for help anytime day or night.