Look for Love: The Recipe

It may sound like a cliche but adding some love can change everything. Focus on the positive and then douse it with compassion, sprinkle in just the right amount of understanding and stir. This is the recipe for finding the humanity in everyday caring. Survival for the times when you don’t think you can listen one more time or you find the role of caregiver too much and you begin to wonder who is caring for you.

The answer to the question is and should be you are caring for you. Self love and compassion are every bit as important as pouring love into the care of others. While you may feel selfish at times and even question your motives when you do something special for yourself, what you need to remember is that caring for your own needs and filling yourself with joy is the start to survival.

Look for ways to be kind to yourself and you will naturally be more sympathetic with others. Did you ever wonder why some people can be so OK and kind all the time, chances are good that they consider their own feelings as much as yours. So here we are in the month of love and the ball is in your court, what are you giving yourself for Valentines Day?