Community Dinner Monthly

The Cheese Stands Alone...

Our Cellar Pub has hosted two special birthday parties the past two Saturdays, one for a lovely lady celebrating her 60th and the other a surprise party for a man celebrating his 50th.

Two things:

  1. We love to rent the Pub for these types of special occasions, we do everything. Food, music, decorations whatever you want or need. The atmosphere is very welcoming and the value is unsurpassed. Call us to learn more about the Oak Crest Cellar Pub as an alternative for your next special event.

  2. Our Chef JP is celebrating his 10th anniversary at Oak Crest. Unless you have tasted our delicious food you cannot possibly realize what great cause for celebration that is. We invite you to join us the third Monday of every month for the Oak Crest Community Dinner at 6pm for a sample of why we Celebrate Chef's anniversay. Thanks for the many food memories Chef!