November is staff appreciation month at Oak Crest

this is Chef jp with Bug playing pool.
this is our volunteer pianist Bernice Gromer

this is me, my name is Susan Cincinelli and I have worked at Oak Crest for thiryseven years. A lot has changed over the years but one thing always stays the same here...the staff members who care for our members are always dedicated and caring. Sometimes they play games and sing songs but all the time they are polite and curteous and listen to the needs of the people they serve every day.

So once a year we take a month to say "thank you" to them. They are praised and reminded that they are appreciated for their hard work. Drive by everyday of the month and see the daily changing names of our stars on the sign out front and honk if you like or stop by to have a cup of coffee with our stars they deserve a pat on the back and a break!