needs and caring

The Place in between!

The old woman in the shoe had it easy, get in and stay put, but our lives are not that simple. Wouldn't it be great if everything was clear cut and easy?
Well maybe, but as we all know that is a fantasy, nothing is easy or works as we initially foresee. How many times have you said to yourself " when I get to be a certain age I will be doing such and such." And then how many times has it actually been the way you thought it would be. Probably none.
People are all different with different perspectives and needs, to try and pigeon hole them is like trying to squeeze everyone into the same shoe!

The other day after a tour of Oak Crest the son of a prospective member said " Well this place is the place in between" meaning you didn't have to be at a specific level or comply with our requirements to live here, we consider where you are in your life and fit ourselves in. Not easily understood these days of rules and regulations. But think back to a much simplier time when people cared about one another and looked out for neighbors. That simpicilty is what Oak Crest is all about, we are the place in between, when your needs change and some days you don't even know what you want or need, we will be there. That's the meaning of responsible caring and that is what Oak Crest is all about. Come for a visit today or plan to attend one of our many social events, we would love to meet you.