There is nothing better than a plan.

Upcoming Events



Used Book Sale

Monthly all day the 2nd Tuesday and Wednesday of every month, a fundraiser with bargains for every reader, find the stacks in the Atrium. All proceeds benefit our not for profit organization. 


Friends Breakfast

Community is cordially invited to a weekly Thursday Morning Breakfast at 8:30 to 9:30am there is a donation at the door.


Caregiver Support Luncheon

The 3rd Wednesday of every month at noon, caregivers of older adults are invited to share a meal and care-giving support. The most important thing a caregiver can do is to take care of  themselves. Accepting help and support is a way to do just that.


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Rock Painting with Friends

September 18th at 11:30 for lunch and rock painting.

All ages welcome.

Elgin IL rocks (Facebook Group) the rock painting sensation that has swept the community. Bryan & Aubree Estrada thought it would be big fun to paint a rock and let a stranger find it. It has been fun for lots of adults and children, now you can join in with lunch in the Oak Crest Cellar Pub. Call Wendy for more information. 8477422255.