Oak Crest Atrium was my hero, I would drop my Mom off 3 days a week so I could go to work and know she was in a safe place, I used respite as well. My Mom had early onsite Alzheimer’s at 50. When I picked my Mom up she was always smiling while telling me little pieces of her day. The people at Oak Crest really care and have huge hearts. My Mom would tell me about lunch and that she made friends and laughed. It was a HUGE help to me to have Oak Crest Atrium in my life. I would definitely recommend Oak Crest Atrium.
— Sheri Williams

Assisted Living

Members in Oak Crest have monitored healthcare and we take action or control of implementing their healthcare plans. We strive to understand the needs of the member and provide the service to meet those needs.


Independent Living 

In the Atrium, the choices are yours, the family is responsible for physician appointments and healthcare services; although we do monitor, the individual generally makes their own arrangements. The member is engaged with face to face conversations that spark creative and unique approaches to challenges.


Adult Day Care

Day Care is a flexible program of care which can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Respite Care

Short term overnight stays, arrangements vary to your needs weekly or monthly. 


Memory Care

Our unique approach to caring for memory loss led to the development of a copyrighted Memory Program specific to Oak Crest. 



The Oak Crest Van transports members for planned outings; also available for family outings.