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Experts in caring

experience, dedication and teamwork are just a few of our Staff’s core values.

We believe that no matter how high you rise in your career, no matter how much expertise you gain, you still need to keep your knowledge and insights refreshed. To do that a question why or what approach takes place. A completely different conversation building the approach with empathy, considers options. Empathy is about understanding needs even when they can’t be articulated.

We have over a century of experience nurturing older adults. The longevity of staff members notes the dedication to our mission.  Executive Director Susan Cincinelli has 45 years tenure and Administrator of Member Services Margaret Walter 36 years. 

A “Tenure Team” with each member serving 5 years or more tops the experienced staff. 

We are proud to deliver unwavering reliability every day.

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2018 Blue Ribbon Award Recipient

Titus Jackson named Blue Ribbon Award Recipient

Congratulations to Titus for being chosen by his Tenure Team Peers as the coworker who most exemplifies an outstanding attitude and great passion for his work. Titus has demonstrated dedication to Oak Crest and an amazing ability to show kindness to all.

As part of the team Titus is a universal employee, trained to work in several departments and a great asset in every job he takes on.

Currently Titus is the Activity Coordinator, bringing joy to the members days with extraordinary patience and wit.

With 16 years experience as an Oak Crest staffer Titus offers a smile and support to everyone.